Community members from various backgrounds and walks of life have come together to brainstorm ways in which schooling in Sackville can become a whole lot better.


Our vision

We know our community can lead the way and be proactive in deciding what happens to and in our schools. We would love to see our children thrive and reach their full potential within an inspired & inspiring learning community that is supported by an environmentally-healthy & modern network of educational facilities.

An Integrated Education Community model would allow for collaboration between the many resources and educational initiatives in Sackville. The following graphic provides an overview of the various connected parts:

national interest in the ss2020 vision

Education Canada published an excellent overview of Sackville Schools 2020's vision and how far the movement has come since it began in 2015. Sackville Schools 2020: A community vision for education is an article worth reading to gain a better understanding of why there is so much support for the work being done by this group on a widespread level, local to international.

Education is not just bricks and mortar… it is about our community and I think that your group there in Sackville are doing some wonderful things. You have some very innovative thinkers there and to get the community together is a very positive thing. I commend you for trying to put the pieces together between your elementary, middle and high schools and for advancing education across the province.”
— Brian Kenny, NB Minister of Education


More information

In addition, the CBC New Brunswick interview from March 22, 2017 with Sackville Schools 2020 working group members, provides reasons for why Sackville's schools need attention while highlighting positive steps forward. However, given that it is merely snippets from a longer interview, it leaves out the regard we have for the teachers in our community. There are many amazing teachers in Sackville working to create meaningful learning experiences for their students through initiatives like project-based learning. We want to acknowledge these forward-thinkers in the field who are "thinking outside the box". Our vision is that our school system will enable learning environments in which all students and teachers are happy and engaged.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”
— Socrates

What We're doing

  • making connections with provincial and business leaders
  • consulting with teachers & principals to see how we might enhance teaching & learning
  • consulting with students & parents to get feedback on what works and changes they'd like to see
  • reaching out to the community through collaborative initiatives